Conditions of use

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1. Service object
ESPT offers Internet service to PC games for download. Once downloaded, games can be installed on hard drive and used without time limit or reinstallation.
The Service is operated by
ESPT, a S.A.R.L. registered in Aubenas under number RCS 432 867 448.
It is stated that no physical media (cd-rom, dvd-rom, ...) will be sent.

2. Accountability and computer equipment necessary
Games sizes are several hundreds of megabytes, so it is recommended that you download from a broadband ADSL or cable.
The games are running only on PCs, the customers must verify that their computer is in compliance with the minimum hardware listed online for each game presented.
ESPT can not be held responsible for the misuse of downloaded games or their incompatibility with the customer's computer.

3. Prices
The price for downloadable games is set by
ESPT for each game and clearly displayed on the site before ordering. The price of these games may be changed at any time by ESPT. The price applicable to each order is the price prevailing at the time of ordering.

4. Service Access
Download services are provided by
ESPT permanently, but are subject to maintenance, servers upgrades and accidental interruptions.

5. Intellectual property
In general, the user agrees not to alter or affect the title, brand and intellectual property rights attached to the downloaded video game.
Downloading video games gives the Customer a nonexclusive license to use individual video games or game elements downloaded video. This license is granted for a strictly personal, non-transferable and non-commercial use, for the legal protection of copyright.

A license may be supplied with certain video or downloaded video game elements.
User undertakes to respect the rights of authors and producers on downloaded games that are protected by copyright. Games remain the property of their authors and producers.
Consequently, the user agrees not to modify, translate, adapt or copy the downloaded games.

User agrees not to reproduce, sell, rent, license or make commercial use of games or game elements downloaded video on any medium whatsoever.
However the user can perform a reproduction on his computer, on a CD-Rom or other support exclusively for backup purposes.


Any unauthorized reproduction, total or partial, of this product and/or any trademarks or registered trademarks it contains, is constitutive of an offence. Piracy harms consumers, developers, publishers and legitimate distributors of this product.

6. Privacy Policy
The customer information collected by will be treated with utmost confidentiality in accordance with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978.
s have the right of access,opposition and rectification of their personal data at any time. They can assert these rights either by sending an e-mail or in writing by registered mail to the editors of site at the following address:

07000 Pranles

7. Warning about the risks of epilepsy and the precautions to take when using a video game (Decree No. 96-360 of 23 April 1996 on warnings about the video game)

Precautions to be taken in all cases when using a video game

Avoid playing if you are tired or if you lack sleep. Ensure that you play in a quite enlightened room by moderating the luminosity of your screen. When you use a video game, play at good distance from the screen. It is recommended to take a 10-15 minute break every hour while playing.


Epilepsy warning

Some people are subject to epileptic fits when they are exposed to various luminous stimulations. These people expose themselves to crisis when they watch television or play certain video games. Even if you were never prone to epileptic fits, you can be epileptic without knowing it. If you are epileptic, consult your doctor before playing video games, or immediately if you present one of the following symptoms when you play: giddiness, eye trouble, muscular contraction, involuntary movement, disorientation, temporary loss of consciousness or convulsions.


8. Jurisdiction - Applicable Law

Any dispute arising from the application or interpretation of the conditions will be brought in the courts depending on the Court of Appeal of Aubenas and will be subject to French Law.

9. Contact

For any complaint or information, the user is prompted to write to the following address:
07000 Pranles


By legal measures and security access to simulators is prohibited for persons :

  • under 18 without parental permission or not accompanied by an adult
  • that measure less than 1.50 m or more than 2.00 m
  • too corpulent for a bucket seat (maximum weight : 120 kg)
  • pregnant women
  • photosensitive epilepsy
  • impaired cardiac
  • impaired balance
  • with alcohol
ESPT disclaims all liability for failure to comply with the terms of use.
Last Updated on Thursday, 10 August 2017